December 8, 2006

Just got back from ISEI5 and relatively warm Santa Barbara. It was an interesting conference and I learned about an interesting project going on via NCEAS called Kepler. Kepler is somewhat like ArcGIS model builder for running arbitrary ecological models and drawing upon ecological data sets. It is heavily ontological and seeks to better capture ecological model runs in ways that analysis can be better repeated in the future. Overall it was a good conference, although some of the talks, as with any conference, were quite a bit unrelated to what I had interests in. Ate some good sushi…walked on the sandy beach and grabbed food at the Tri-County market every day. Other interesting projects I learned about were OBIS-Seamap and the various activities at also related to NCEAS.

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ISEI5 - December 8, 2006 - Jonah Duckles