March 2, 2007

Synergy is a network KVM. It is great if you have multiple computers. I have a setup with a Powerbook, WinXP and Ubuntu Laptop all controlled by the same keyboard and mouse (across four screens) merged together into one desktop. It is a beautiful thing… Some simple config examples after the jump.

This is my linux config file (~/.synergy.conf), create one if it doesn’t exist

section: screens
section: links
  right = desktop
  left = laptop

(adjust to suit your needs)

The documentation is pretty good, so this should get you started.

Then I connect using synergyc:

synergyc --name laptop

where is the name of the computer with the server running on it.

As you can see there is no security to speak of keeping others from controlling your system’s mouse and keyboard, so on hostile networks it is probably best to block the port and tunnel over ssh.

This would be great to set up an ad-hoc multi-head system when getting together with colleagues to work collaboratively with a bunch of laptops. Haven’t tried that yet, but it would be pretty slick.

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Synergy - March 2, 2007 - Jonah Duckles