Wikifying my life

March 2, 2007

I started working on my PhD proposal and decided that it would be best done as a wiki. I have been using MoinMoin for a wiki in my lab with my labmates. I like MoinMoin, but I don’t like how much of a pain it is to install it on debian. I decided to go back to mediawiki as it seems to be performing a bit better these days and is increasingly the standard wiki markup. So I have a mediawiki set up now for tracking my research, my reading and my PhD proposal. I might even get really brave and do my whole dissertation in wiki form. Once I got started on the proposal in wiki form I decided I could probably track all of my simulation analysis by logging the steps I take on the wiki. This required finding some code that acts as a wiki client so that I can effectively pipe output directly to a wiki page, say Log:2007-XX-XX, or a new topic appropriate log for every day. Looking for awhile, I have found two tools that can do this in one way or another. mvs, and wikipediafs. mvs will work wherever there is Perl with the appropriate Perl modules and wikipediafs depends on the FUSE system in Linux. They both look promising. More on this later as I get some examples going.

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Wikifying my life - March 2, 2007 - Jonah Duckles