United airlines marketing

September 24, 2007

So, I receive this letter in the mail about once per week for the last 3 months telling me I have a balance in my United Mileage Plus account. It says I have 6,904 miles, that plus the 21,500 I’ll get from United will let me get enough for a free ticket which runs 25,000 miles, oh boy! Never mind the $60 annual fee, the 18.24% APY, I can get a free ticket baby…I can go places…see the world.


Wait, what is that…there is an asterisk there…what does it say about that. “Based on mileage plus account balance as of 6/1/07. United Mileage Plus is not liable for mileage balance misprints.” Hmmm…alright.

Ok, well lets go check united.com: united2.pngWhat’s this..my miles expired on 06/30/2007, leaving me with a balance of 0.

So the notice I have been receiving every week for 3 months straight has been grossly misleading and too good to be true. I know the airlines are hurting….but c’mon guys lay off the deceptive marketing practices.

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United Airlines Marketing - September 24, 2007 - Jonah Duckles